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Whew! Thinking about wanting to get in shape is the easy part but the harder part is actually motivating yourself to actually take that leap. I am constantly researching things and getting overwhelmed but the information, or lack of, out there. What kind of workouts do I want to do? What lifestyle change do I want to take for what I eat? Do I really want to give up the sweet stuff and ….. BREAD?!?!?!

Well, yes I do want to give up the bread. Bread is pretty much all I eat and I know I need a better more nutritional diet. This morning I finally just said screw it and lets do some menu planning and try this Paleo thing out. Below I have listed some sites that I am checking out to learn more and get some recipes: – This is a pretty cute and fun webpage. I am using it right now for a firttata recipe and will be checking her out again soon. – Has a lot of pretty good information, I came across one or two pretentious things written that made me take pause but it really is a very helpful website and worth bookmarking.

Here is my shopping list for this weekend, I will post pictures and cooking stuff in another post. I tried to go today but ended up lost in Oakland and San Leandro after going the wrong way on 880 after a quick shopping trip at the lamest grocery section of a walmart ever…

This is my first go so it will be pretty short and maybe lacking on some of the staples I should get…


rotisserie chicken
ground beef (i may opt for turkey because I am not a big meat eater and baby steps)
beef stripes for stir fry
smoked salmon (maybe, not sure yet)


extra virgin olive oil
butter/ghee (some sort of cooking fat, I may already have coconut oil)
bay leaves
sea salt
tomato paste
canned tomatoesgarlic w/ parsley
coconut milk
muffin liners (got at walmart)
italian seasonings (have)
freeze/microwave containers

Fruits and Veggies: (frozen and fresh)

broccoli (have)
carrots (bleh, but they are to cook with so its OK)
spaghetti squash
lemon or lime juice
cherry tomattos

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