15 June 2015: Today was kind of blah

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This morning I got out of the house by 5:30AM and made it to the gym by 6:00… I could not find either of my notebooks I use to track workouts and I wanted to keep my gym time at 30 mins. This is to ensure I get to work by 7:00 so I can leave work before traffic gets back, nevermind the fact I forgot Mondays we have a late team meeting….

I tried to remember some things from my leg day last Monday and managed to do 3×10 each of barbell squat, leg press, calf extension on leg press, toes in/out/normal leg extension.

To say that I overdid it last Monday would be an understatement… I hurt all the way through Saturday and so bad it hurt to walk through Thursday. I ended up not working out and attending a practice after Tuesday last week. I did go to practice Saturday and Sunday, but did not go to the gym. The Saturday and Sunday practices were pretty awesome. I got to work on new things and received pretty good feedback. Saturday my feedback focused around one of our drills called spuxing where I need to remember to stay low and be more jukey with side to side stepping instead of gliding. Sundays feedback was awesome and just made me smile a lot 😀 A skater I look up to told me that I was actually doing the drill correctly and being effective <3 She also said she barely recognized be because I looked thinner 😀 😀 😀 😀 Things like that really help me refind that focus and drive I had before I got super depressed and just stopped.

I am super exhausted from waking up so early today I am hoping to get a nap and make practice tonight. I am cautious about skating this exhausted but I really want and need the practice.

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