8 June 2015 Testing Out New Morning Workout Routine

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I have been working on finding a workout routine that I can do each morning where I can focus on what I feel is the most beneficial to improving how I perform at Roller Derby. I know that whole body is important but for me personally focusing on my overall leg strength is the most important. Whenever I break from working out my legs that is when I feel the biggest difference in my derby and I start to feel like I cannot keep myself stable or low.

My goal with the plan I am trying to create now is to focus on legs/abs 30 – 45 mins each weekday morning, then at least 3 – 5 afternoons throughout the week focusing on upper body strength, and then as many derby practices a week I can do before I have issues waking up the next morning – usually 4 or 5 days a week.

Today, Monday June 8th, was my first attempt at building my own workout plan and testing it out. It took way to long and I am not really sure yet how I will cut this down, maybe I will move abs to afternoon or at home before going to the gym.




Gym: City Sports in Hayward, CA
Mood Starting: tired, bored
Mood Ending: Pumped, I did not want to leave the gym
Start Time: 12:20
End Time: 1:35
Weight: 149




1 Barbell Squat 4x-10

I just keep telling myself it is like sitting in a chair or else I use my knees too much and go to far forward

2A Barbell Split-Squat 1x-10
I was originally not going to do this but I saw the guy one rack over do it. He made it look easy so I was like what the hell lets try it. This was a lot better than I thought it would be and uses a completely different group of muscles than the normal squat.
2B Deadlift 4x-5
I really do not like doing deadlifts at this gym because the weights are not round, there are no bumper plates, and the bar scratches my shin so this is why I only do 5 of them.

3A Leg Press 4x-10
3B Leg Press Calf Raises 4x-20
Doing this with my calves seemed way to easy so I doubled it. I also struggled with the weight used for the normal leg press but I did them all!

4A Romanian Chair Lift 4x-10
These are my favorite and they hurt sooooo much! It is not a bad hurt, I just feel every single rep I do and I always want to stop but I push through
4B Walking Lunge 1x-10
At this point my legs were beginning to get that jello like feeling, I noticed it was taking me longer than I hoped, and I did not feel this was working any muscle I had not already put through the ringer so I did these once. I am thinking of making a list of things I can do when I need a break at work and adding these to it.

5 Seated Calf Raises 0
Could not get this machine to work so after a while I said screw this and moved on. My calves hurt anyway from the leg press calf raises

6A Leg Extensions 4x-10
6B Leg Extensions Toes In 4x-10
6C Leg Extensions Toes Out 4x-10
I HATE THESE! But I also feel like they do a lot for my quads since I can never finish on the same weight I started because OMG THE PAIN!

7A Weighted Incline Ab Crunch 4x-10
7B Weighted Incline Alt Side Crunch 4x-10
I am not sure what these are really called but I do them on an incline bench with the pads to hold my legs.

At this point I was pumped! My legs were done but I needed something else. I want to add the chin ups to my daily routine so that one day I can do them unassisted.
EXTRA – finished these at 2:00

1A Assisted Chin Up Negative 4x-5
1B Assisted Chin Up 4x-5

2A Lat Pull Down 4x-10
2B Lat Pull Down Behind Head 4x-10

Overall, this took way too long 🙁 I have not decided what to cut out yet, but I will test it out again tomorrow. I enjoyed this routine a lot and kind of bummed I need to cut it down.


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