9 June 2015 Already made changes to my plan…

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added this cute thing to my desk today 😀

SO….. I really wanted to do legs every morning but that did not work for today. My quads and butt are so sore today! I have read conflicting things on whether or not it is a good thing to focus on the same things everyday and honestly until I can experience it for myself I cannot see how adding legs to my workout everyday would be a bad thing.

What ended up happening at the gym this morning was as many chest/shoulder exercises I could fit into just under an hour so I am not late to work. I will list everything below. In my logs I am trying to add in moods but I have a hard time putting a name to my moods. I mean I am not happy, sad, whatever other moods there are but I kinda just am… Maybe I will get better at this as I go along.

Nutrition from yesterday! I am going to just put it out here now that I am not focusing on calorie counts or clean eating yet. I made the mistake of trying to change everything all at once before and it just does not work for me, because I HATE CHICKEN. So I am going to focus on making better choices and keeping my portions down.

  • 2 of those small boxes of frosted flakes w/milk
  • half wheat roll w/ peanut butter
  • 1 scoop whey
  • Pan-Seared Cod w/ rice and snow peas
  • lemon ice pop

Considering how much time I spent at the gym yesterday this may actually have not been enough in calories but it gets kind of hard when I take my ADHD meds, they make me not hungry until the crash in the late afternoon.

Workout this morning:

Gym: JCC in Palo Alto
Mood Starting: content
Mood Ending: content
Start Time: 6:40
End Time: 7:25
Weight: 148

The gym was PACKED this morning, I was lucky to snag an incline bench. It was even kind of a pain to get dumbbells in a weight that I needed, but once I got everything I needed it went pretty smooth.

  • Warm-Up 5 min treadmill
  • 1 BB Squat 3x-10
  • 2 DB Hammer Grip Bench Press 3x-8
  • 3 DB Shoulder Press 3x-8
  • 4A Incline Bench DB Bench Press 3x-10
  • 4B Incline Bench DB Fly 3x-10
  • 5 Incline Bench DB Lateral Raise 3x-10
  • 6 DB Front Raise 3x-10

Also, tonight is derby practice 😀


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