15 June 2015: Today was kind of blah

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This morning I got out of the house by 5:30AM and made it to the gym by 6:00… I could not find either of my notebooks I use to track workouts and I wanted to keep my gym time at 30 mins. This is to ensure I get to work by 7:00 so I can leave work before traffic gets back, nevermind the fact I forgot Mondays we have a late team meeting….

I tried to remember some things from my leg day last Monday and managed to do 3×10 each of barbell squat, leg press, calf extension on leg press, toes in/out/normal leg extension.

To say that I overdid it last Monday would be an understatement… I hurt all the way through Saturday and so bad it hurt to walk through Thursday. I ended up not working out and attending a practice after Tuesday last week. I did go to practice Saturday and Sunday, but did not go to the gym. The Saturday and Sunday practices were pretty awesome. I got to work on new things and received pretty good feedback. Saturday my feedback focused around one of our drills called spuxing where I need to remember to stay low and be more jukey with side to side stepping instead of gliding. Sundays feedback was awesome and just made me smile a lot 😀 A skater I look up to told me that I was actually doing the drill correctly and being effective <3 She also said she barely recognized be because I looked thinner 😀 😀 😀 😀 Things like that really help me refind that focus and drive I had before I got super depressed and just stopped.

I am super exhausted from waking up so early today I am hoping to get a nap and make practice tonight. I am cautious about skating this exhausted but I really want and need the practice.

10 June 2015 I need a rest

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Sadly I did not make practice last night. Once I got home from work my abs, butt, and quads have been so sore I can only roll around the house to get somewhere…. I am also STARVING! I did not gym this morning but if my legs feel better I will try after work

Food from yesterday:

  • breakfast sandwich
  • 1 scoop whey
  • rice crispies w/milk and strawberries
  • beef jerky
  • mini york pepperment patties
  • taco salad – sour cream, lettuce, beef, salsa, black beans, rice, squash, tortilla chips
  • fettuccine w/snowpeas

9 June 2015 Already made changes to my plan…

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added this cute thing to my desk today 😀

SO….. I really wanted to do legs every morning but that did not work for today. My quads and butt are so sore today! I have read conflicting things on whether or not it is a good thing to focus on the same things everyday and honestly until I can experience it for myself I cannot see how adding legs to my workout everyday would be a bad thing.

What ended up happening at the gym this morning was as many chest/shoulder exercises I could fit into just under an hour so I am not late to work. I will list everything below. In my logs I am trying to add in moods but I have a hard time putting a name to my moods. I mean I am not happy, sad, whatever other moods there are but I kinda just am… Maybe I will get better at this as I go along.

Nutrition from yesterday! I am going to just put it out here now that I am not focusing on calorie counts or clean eating yet. I made the mistake of trying to change everything all at once before and it just does not work for me, because I HATE CHICKEN. So I am going to focus on making better choices and keeping my portions down.

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8 June 2015 Testing Out New Morning Workout Routine

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I have been working on finding a workout routine that I can do each morning where I can focus on what I feel is the most beneficial to improving how I perform at Roller Derby. I know that whole body is important but for me personally focusing on my overall leg strength is the most important. Whenever I break from working out my legs that is when I feel the biggest difference in my derby and I start to feel like I cannot keep myself stable or low.

My goal with the plan I am trying to create now is to focus on legs/abs 30 – 45 mins each weekday morning, then at least 3 – 5 afternoons throughout the week focusing on upper body strength, and then as many derby practices a week I can do before I have issues waking up the next morning – usually 4 or 5 days a week.

Today, Monday June 8th, was my first attempt at building my own workout plan and testing it out. It took way to long and I am not really sure yet how I will cut this down, maybe I will move abs to afternoon or at home before going to the gym.


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Some Links on Eating Better

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Here are some links that I am looking at to get a better idea on what and how I should be eating. Also there are some links on Jamie Eason’s 12 week program on bodybuilding.com. This is just a post with links…


Jamie Eason

Trying Out a Paleo Lifestyle Change….

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Whew! Thinking about wanting to get in shape is the easy part but the harder part is actually motivating yourself to actually take that leap. I am constantly researching things and getting overwhelmed but the information, or lack of, out there. What kind of workouts do I want to do? What lifestyle change do I want to take for what I eat? Do I really want to give up the sweet stuff and ….. BREAD?!?!?!

Well, yes I do want to give up the bread. Bread is pretty much all I eat and I know I need a better more nutritional diet. This morning I finally just said screw it and lets do some menu planning and try this Paleo thing out. Below I have listed some sites that I am checking out to learn more and get some recipes:

http://nomnompaleo.com/ – This is a pretty cute and fun webpage. I am using it right now for a firttata recipe and will be checking her out again soon.

http://paleoleap.com/ – Has a lot of pretty good information, I came across one or two pretentious things written that made me take pause but it really is a very helpful website and worth bookmarking.

Here is my shopping list for this weekend, I will post pictures and cooking stuff in another post. I tried to go today but ended up lost in Oakland and San Leandro after going the wrong way on 880 after a quick shopping trip at the lamest grocery section of a walmart ever…

This is my first go so it will be pretty short and maybe lacking on some of the staples I should get…


rotisserie chicken
ground beef (i may opt for turkey because I am not a big meat eater and baby steps)
beef stripes for stir fry
smoked salmon (maybe, not sure yet)


extra virgin olive oil
butter/ghee (some sort of cooking fat, I may already have coconut oil)
bay leaves
sea salt
tomato paste
canned tomatoesgarlic w/ parsley
coconut milk
muffin liners (got at walmart)
italian seasonings (have)
freeze/microwave containers

Fruits and Veggies: (frozen and fresh)

broccoli (have)
carrots (bleh, but they are to cook with so its OK)
spaghetti squash
lemon or lime juice
cherry tomattos

Updates!! I am lazy and have not posted in like a year….

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First thing is that I am no longer skating with SVRG, I moved further up the Bay and it just did not make sense that I make that commute. I am now skating in the B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls in the Pool. Basically the pool is working hard to improve and earn the chance to be on a BAD home team.  I am sure I will post more on that later because it is a huge part of my life right now and means a lot to me that I have this chance.

Second, I am a full time Leeo employee and no longer independent contracting. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow and happy to no longer have to deal with my own taxes and stuff…

What else…. I do plan to write more on becoming a healthier and stronger skater for myself and for derby. I want to talk about what I am doing to get in better shape and eat better as a way to help others at the same point I am, confusion and busy schedules, and to help keep myself in check… There is so much information out there and it is so easy to get confused so hopefully I can help someone and help myself. I will play around with the format and how often I make posts to see what works. Do I want to post daily logs of how I feel, what I ate, what workout I did or do I want to compile it all into one big one at the end of the week? How often do I want to write about some of the feelings or struggles I have about things I feel are major, do I do it whenever or once a week? I do not know but I will try different things till it feels right.


Silicon Valley Roller Girls Hard Drivers 2014 team!!

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20131215 SVRG League Photo


Yay for the Hard Drivers! Here is the team picture for 2014.  Having recently moved to California I am so excited to be skating again!




unable to remove program while in safe mode – windows 7

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I was having this issue at work where with RSA installed I could not login with the local admin accounts and while in safe mode I could not remove RSA. We were getting rid of RSA logins anyway so it was perfectly fine to remove it. When I would go into remove programs and right click the RSA install to remove it I would get the error “The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.”


This was super frustrating and even google could not give me an answer! I mean isn’t this what safe mode was designed for?!?!? How could I not uninstall stuff! I revisited the issue a week later and dug further into google and finally found something! I cannot remember the site but I think it was some old forum from Microsoft, it did not even support Windows 7.

Below are the steps I had to take to resolve this issue:

1. Start > type in regedit.msc
2. Navigate to HKLM > System > Current Control Set > Control > expand Safeboot
3. Right click on Minimal and select add new key
4. Name the new key MSIServer
5. Edit the key in the new folder and set the value to Service
6. Uninstall the program!


all the jobs!

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I am now working as an IT consultant for two different companies and building websites on the side.  I work part time at Robotex and then also with Leeo, two pretty awesome companies!!!  My LOA from derby ends today!!


There are not very many grocery stores here but there is a Trader Joe’s like everywhere.  This last time I went I saw their Juice in a Box and wanted to give the pomegranate and lime flavor a try. It was thick and seriously needed something to water it down and I just happened to have a Sprite Zero cranberry sitting around and mixed them. It came out amazing and a I would get this again, as long as I have something to mix with it. Oh and they sell liquor in the grocery stores here, it is weird.