Some Links on Eating Better

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Here are some links that I am looking at to get a better idea on what and how I should be eating. Also there are some links on Jamie Eason’s 12 week program on This is just a post with links…
Jamie Eason

Trying Out a Paleo Lifestyle Change….

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Whew! Thinking about wanting to get in shape is the easy part but the harder part is actually motivating yourself to actually take that leap. I am constantly researching things and getting overwhelmed but the information, or lack of, out there. What kind of workouts do I want to do? What lifestyle change do I want to take for what I eat? Do I really want to give up the sweet stuff and ….. BREAD?!?!?!

Well, yes I do want to give up the bread. Bread is pretty much all I eat and I know I need a better more nutritional diet. This morning I finally just said screw it and lets do some menu planning and try this Paleo thing out. Below I have listed some sites that I am checking out to learn more and get some recipes: – This is a pretty cute and fun webpage. I am using it right now for a firttata recipe and will be checking her out again soon. – Has a lot of pretty good information, I came across one or two pretentious things written that made me take pause but it really is a very helpful website and worth bookmarking.

Here is my shopping list for this weekend, I will post pictures and cooking stuff in another post. I tried to go today but ended up lost in Oakland and San Leandro after going the wrong way on 880 after a quick shopping trip at the lamest grocery section of a walmart ever…

This is my first go so it will be pretty short and maybe lacking on some of the staples I should get…


rotisserie chicken
ground beef (i may opt for turkey because I am not a big meat eater and baby steps)
beef stripes for stir fry
smoked salmon (maybe, not sure yet)


extra virgin olive oil
butter/ghee (some sort of cooking fat, I may already have coconut oil)
bay leaves
sea salt
tomato paste
canned tomatoesgarlic w/ parsley
coconut milk
muffin liners (got at walmart)
italian seasonings (have)
freeze/microwave containers

Fruits and Veggies: (frozen and fresh)

broccoli (have)
carrots (bleh, but they are to cook with so its OK)
spaghetti squash
lemon or lime juice
cherry tomattos

Wegman’s Brown Rice Veggie Roll

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I love shopping at Wegman’s, there is always something new to try in the section with the bakery and little restaurants.  One of my favorite spots to grab something from is the sushi bar.  The veggie rolls are always fresh and have ruined other sushi restaurants for me, and I also stopped using soy sauce and wasabi with it. There is one place here that pushes the soy sauce on you, almost like they want to mask the fact that their sushi sucks now, but again with Wegman’s I do not need the sauce and it is perfect on its own. It seems that around here no one knows how to pick the right avocados and their sushi tastes weird and not so fresh, but Wegman’s is always fresh, ripe and really good!  At $5 it is also cheaper than anywhere else 🙂

My first go at cooking tofu

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I have finally decided to give cooking tofu a try and in my opinion it came out soooooo yummy!!  I went to the local Safeway and got some mushrooms, teriyaki sauce, zucchini, onion and firm tofu.  First I drained the tofu and placed it in a dishtowel with a book placed on top and left that over night.  Once that was done I put the tofu, zucchini and mushrooms in the teriyaki sauce and let them soak for a few hours.  When I felt they had all soaked up enough flavor I cooked the onions in olive oil and added the rest of the vegetables and tofu.  I put all that on top of white rice and loved it!! I would totally try that again 🙂


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Yummm! One of my favorite quick foods is Tofurky deli slices.  Whenever I do not feel like waiting to eat I will fry up a piece or two and eat on bread with some vegenaise… sometimes I will add chips for a crunch 🙂 I love this stuff

Pizza Hut Hand Tossed Pizza

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For some reason, totally out of the blue, I was craving Pizza Hut pan pizza so I went to their site and looked at the allergen information and discovered the pan pizza is not vegan. Looking through the chart the hand tossed is, but it is prepared on equipment that uses egg, booooo but I feel as long as we order from these places and show demand they will then get better themselves.  I went ahead and got the hand-tossed with onions, mushrooms and no cheese. I added my own Daiya pepper-jack, I can eat that stuff on everything 🙂  The dough was good, but toppings were awful and I had to pull them all off.  I cannot describe what was wrong I just did not like it at all, the onions were almost raw and I think that is what killed it for me.

Red Velvet: Vegan Cupcakes

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While on my trip into D.C. I wanted a cupcake so bad and Sticky Fingers was way to far to walk to so when I walked by Red Velvet, and they had a sign for a vegan cupcake, I had to go try.  I ordered two regular cupcakes for my husband, who loved them, and I got one of each of the vegan flavors-white velvet and black velvet.  I really did enjoy both of them and especially love the purple candy garnish on the black velvet.  They were moist and did not have that weird oily sheen that I see on most vegan cupcakes.  I love it and will have to go to the Reston, closer to my house, and get some more 😀

Bus Boys and Poets: Nachos and Panini

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On a recent trip into DC I wanted to try this restaurant on 5th & K called Busboys & Poets.  I really wanted to try a vegan restaurant that was in walking distance from where we were and this was the only option not Asian, and I really wanted to try something different.  Asian restaurants are really easy to get vegan options and almost always good, but like I said I just wanted something different.  When we finally settled on Busboys & Poets we made the trek over and I was immediately impressed.  It was nice on the outside and had a nice area for eating outside, I tried to get a picture but it came out pretty bad…. The menu was pretty neat and I loved looking through it and was really easy to find what was vegan and not, the drink menu was even clearly marked.

For a starter we got the vegan nachos which were pretty good, I just wish there were more beans.  I liked whatever faux sour cream they used and it tasted like they used that new cheese from Daiya.

For my actual meal I got the Peanut Butter and Banana Panini and I LOVED THIS! Simple yet so incredibly good and what I wanted 🙂  It made the best breakfast the next morning 🙂

Tofutti Totally Fudge Pops

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With the crazy heat waves going on, like every other summer, I began to crave the Jello Pudding pops I used to love as a child. Something about the texture icey exterior super soft on the inside, but sadly they are not vegan.  While aimlessly browsing the Wegmans I saw that Tofutti had a few new ice cream flavors, including the Totally Fudge Pops, so I snatched up a box. I really like these, they are just simple fudge pops that taste great and while not Jello pops they are better and satisfied that craving, even the anti-vegan husband liked and ate these 🙂

Mike’s Italian Restaurant: Pineapple Sorbet

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Recently my dad took my sister and me to Mikes Italian Restaurant on RTE 1 right outside of Fort Belvoir.  I was worried that they would not have anything vegan but I was sure they would at least have a salad I could munch on just in case, but I was pleasantly surprised that they now have a separate spot on the menu for vegetarian items – one eggplant parmigiana and a spaghetti option, so of course you just need to ask the question is the breading used contain egg and make sure they know not to put any cheese on anything.  I do love their spaghetti and could eat that all the time so I was happy 🙂 Then came desert, again I was not hopeful they would have anything and I would have to watch my dad and sister enjoy the yummy Tartufos which do contain dairy, but then the waitress started spouting out the list of sorbets and I quickly chose the pineapple sorbet.  It came out in a pineapple 😀 I loved the look and then quickly started to dig in. It had a wonderful texture and taste, it was so soft and wonderful 🙂 It was a lot more sorbet than I expected and had to share with my family, who also enjoyed it greatly. I would totally go back just to eat the sorbet!