July 3, 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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I know I said I would go to the Occoquan Market this weekend, I ended up going to DC and spending the day there; however, Sunday I did go to the Dale City Market. It was so hot and miserable that I left quickly after arriving. I ended up with corn, cantaloupe and a watermelon.  The cantaloupe was really good, corn was great watermelon was alright and not sweet at all.

June 26, 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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I almost did not make it to the Dale City Farmers Market this week, I was soooo tired and allergies were getting the best of me, but my posts on this market get more hits than any other type of post I make. I want to make sure I post things that you all find interesting.  I plan to start attending different Farmers Market in Northern VA and post about them here, I will start with the one in Occoquan next Saturday.

This week I wanted to get actual pictures of the market and give everyone a better idea of what it is like.  This week was incredibly crowded and there were even more vendors this week than last, I think the peaches had something to do with it…  There is usually two or three people band there playing folk music, but I did not see them this week 🙁

This was the first vendor that I saw as I walked in and were selling peaches for $1.75 per pound, so I decided to stop there on the way out, this ended up being the only vendor I bought from-being uninspired in the kitchen never helps.

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June 19 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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I am sorry that I have not posted this sooner!! I know that tomorrow is the next Dale City Farmers Market, but I wanted to show my cache from last week. It was the first weekend for the berries, and I felt that would be great to share.  Half of the berries were really good and the other were just sour, so I imagine this week they will be even better.

Last Saturday night I went to the OTEP concert with a friend from Ohio and ended up dragging her to the Farmers Market. She seemed to have a great time and loved the blackberries.  When we first went in I told her we had to get more spicy and sweet pickles on our way out, and we ended up with three containers – one for her, my sister and me.  None of which lasted even one day at home 🙂

I got more potatoes.  I am obsessed with the deviled egg replacement I wrote about awhile ago.  When I got the potatoes I saw the tomatoes and decided they would make great tomato sandwiches, which they did – yummm!! Although I used a mandolin slicer to cut the tomato slices, I am not consistent on my slicing sizes, and ended up bleeding all over the kitchen… oops! I also wanted an onion but they were only in containers of like 10 or more, and being the only one in the house to eat them I really only need one, so I grabbed the one you see

June 5th 2011 Dale City Farmers Market Vendor – Salsa Las Glorias

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We were actually in the parking lot when I decided to get this.  I was not really feeling in the mood for anything, but the pickles, and had decided to leave and go home.  I had seen this on the way in and thought about it, but I have not been in the mood for any Mexican food and walked by.  Damen was right though,  I love fresh salsa and I love it on tortilla chips.  We came back in the farmers market and went to the Salsa Las Glorias booth, the guy running it had 6 flavors in a cold box and chips to the side.  I picked the Hot one to try because I like hot salsa the best and it had chunks of tomatoes and ended up buying some for $6.50.  It is really good and fresh tasting and super delicious 🙂

June 5th 2011 Dale City Farmers Market Vendor – Oh! Pickles

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As we were walking through the farmers market I smelled the wonderful aroma of pickles! Yummm I wanted pickles right then and then we found the stand.  There were so many different flavors of pickles. I went with the $6 size of Full Sour pickles and $4 size of Oh! Sour and Sweet. The Spicy and Sweet ones are my absolute favorite and I doubt they will last a day!  I watched them shove as many pickles as possible in each container and struggle to get them closed, so they did not skimp on loading those up.

May 29 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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This last Sunday Damen forced me out of the house and sent me to the Dale City Farmers Market. He does this every Sunday because he knows how much I love going to the farmers market. I normally go with $20 in my purse and unless it is around Halloween (pumpkins) I never spend more than that.

The Dale City Farmers market is from 0800 – 1300 every Sunday from April to November.  I went in April and there was like nothing out yet so this last Sunday was my first time actually going.  I was hoping to find asparagus, but only two booths were selling and they were at the end…. The asparagus was $2.50 a bunch at both booths. The obvious thing in season was not the asparagus but the strawberries. The smell of strawberries was everywhere and I just had to get a box.  The prices on strawberries varied greatlyand I did end up paying like $2 for what I got.  I wanted more potatoes, I have been making so many potato things lately, and paid like $2.50 for the little box. The most expensive thing that I got is the The Holy Grael of Sorbet from Landovel and that was like $6 for the large size.  Damen and I love this sorbet because it is basically just fruit blended and frozen. Simple yet sooooo good and they have a neat variety of flavors.