DCVegan.com 7-19 Email

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Today’s email from DCVegan.com is really neat and points out a new vegan caviar line that looks neat. Check out the article from the email here.

Cookies…for me? – Brownie

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Around one of the holidays I was searching Wegman’s for some dessert to take to my sister’s house and share. The only thing I was able to find was the brand Cookies for Me! They had the cupcakes and The Brownie, sadly we did not like the cupcakes. I am not sure what it was about the cupcakes we did not like but I think it may have been the sweetener or flour; however, we all did like the brownie.  This is great when I am craving a brownie and need to have one right away, I can just go to the store and pick one up.  My favorite part about this is the chocolate chips but they can be a little dry but for the convenience these great.

Ethnic Gourmet Pad Thai

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I like to keep some frozen entrees around to take to work for lunch when I forget to make lunch…. or do not feel like making it 🙂  I decided to give the Ethnic Gourmet Pad Thai Tofu a try and it is pretty good. I added some hot sauce for a kick but did not like the tofu pieces.  The noodles were really good and would buy again.

Asia Nine: Veggie Sushi Set

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I recently made a visit to Washington, D.C. and one of the restaurants we tried was Asia Nine. I really liked the food here and would totally visit again.

I ordered the Veggie Sushi Lunch and it came with Miso Soup and House Salad.  The miso soup had a great flavor, the tofu was firm and not grainy at all. The ginger house salad had a mustard like flavor in the aftertaste. Normally I hate ginger but I did enjoy this salad as it was not a very strong ginger taste and like the heat(from whatever gave the mustard flavor) added.

YUMMMMM!! This sushi was amazing! The mushroom one sweet, the avocado was good but needs some crunch cucumber would be great in it, and the cucumber had a fresh crisp taste.

Food For Lovers Queso

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My order for Food For Lovers Queso came in and I LOVE IT!!! It is spicy, cheesey and tastes sooo amazing. The first day they came in, I ate almost half of a container and if it was not as spicy as it is I would have eaten it all.  Not much I can say other than I love it and will order more as soon as I have one container left 🙂

July 3, 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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I know I said I would go to the Occoquan Market this weekend, I ended up going to DC and spending the day there; however, Sunday I did go to the Dale City Market. It was so hot and miserable that I left quickly after arriving. I ended up with corn, cantaloupe and a watermelon.  The cantaloupe was really good, corn was great watermelon was alright and not sweet at all.

VegWeb Recipe: Vegan Peach Cobbler

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Last week I bought peaches from the farmers marker, but it turns out I really only like the smell of peaches…. not the taste… I did know that I like peach cobbler, where it is covered in sugar and cooked.  I decided to check VegWeb for a recipe where I had all the ingredients at home and found this Vegan Peach Cobbler from wkeefer.

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Daily Gourmet: Not Your Father’s (Vegan) Snickerdoodle

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Today’s vegan Daily Gourmet is Not Your Father’s (Vegan) Snickerdoodle for 8 Cookies and 8 Rescue Bites at $16.00 from Derrick Sky

June 26, 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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I almost did not make it to the Dale City Farmers Market this week, I was soooo tired and allergies were getting the best of me, but my posts on this market get more hits than any other type of post I make. I want to make sure I post things that you all find interesting.  I plan to start attending different Farmers Market in Northern VA and post about them here, I will start with the one in Occoquan next Saturday.

This week I wanted to get actual pictures of the market and give everyone a better idea of what it is like.  This week was incredibly crowded and there were even more vendors this week than last, I think the peaches had something to do with it…  There is usually two or three people band there playing folk music, but I did not see them this week 🙁

This was the first vendor that I saw as I walked in and were selling peaches for $1.75 per pound, so I decided to stop there on the way out, this ended up being the only vendor I bought from-being uninspired in the kitchen never helps.

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June 19 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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I am sorry that I have not posted this sooner!! I know that tomorrow is the next Dale City Farmers Market, but I wanted to show my cache from last week. It was the first weekend for the berries, and I felt that would be great to share.  Half of the berries were really good and the other were just sour, so I imagine this week they will be even better.

Last Saturday night I went to the OTEP concert with a friend from Ohio and ended up dragging her to the Farmers Market. She seemed to have a great time and loved the blackberries.  When we first went in I told her we had to get more spicy and sweet pickles on our way out, and we ended up with three containers – one for her, my sister and me.  None of which lasted even one day at home 🙂

I got more potatoes.  I am obsessed with the deviled egg replacement I wrote about awhile ago.  When I got the potatoes I saw the tomatoes and decided they would make great tomato sandwiches, which they did – yummm!! Although I used a mandolin slicer to cut the tomato slices, I am not consistent on my slicing sizes, and ended up bleeding all over the kitchen… oops! I also wanted an onion but they were only in containers of like 10 or more, and being the only one in the house to eat them I really only need one, so I grabbed the one you see