DCVegan.com 7-19 Email

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Today’s email from DCVegan.com is really neat and points out a new vegan caviar line that looks neat. Check out the article from the email here.

Daily Gourmet: Honee

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Today’s Daily Gourmet is bee free honey from Bee-Free Honee. It looks really good and I would love to eventually try it, maybe in a week or so I will place an order

Helpful Fashion Link

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In My opinion, the hardest thing about being vegan is knowing what everyday ingredients are made from animal products and what are not.  I have posted a helpful link about food ingredients but another industry we must look out for is fashion.  Here is a link from Happy Cow explaining a few products and some replacements you can look out for.


Daily Gourmet: Patisserie Ci

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Today’s Vegan Daily Gourmet is an assortment of pastries from Patisserie Ci for $37, totally ordering!


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Good Morning!!

I am adding a new link to the links section. This link from VegWeb tells you some ingredients to look out for when buying some food products.  I wanted to create something like this but I am so clueless at what most ingredients really are, so I am grateful this is out there and is really helpful!

Please note, I am not affiliated with any links that I post or products that I write about.  I post links that I feel are helpful or just nifty 🙂