July 2011 VegNews and Vegetarian Times

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VegNews is really one of my favorite magazines to read, I love all the little tips and replacements that make life easier.  In this issue I really liked the section on traveling and what everyday gas station things we can snack on; for example, while I knew Oreos are vegan I had no idea that Sour Patch Kids and AirHeads were! Yumm 🙂 That will help with seeing movies and having the urge to snack after smelling everyone’s popcorn.  I also enjoyed the interviews, especially the comedian section.

This issue of Vegetarian Times is by far my favorite so far.  This month it has way more vegan information and recipes – most non vegan recipes are really easy to convert. The first thing that caught my attention was the picture of the Very Berry Shortcake on the Contents page. I quickly checked out the recipe and other than the whip cream it is vegan!! YAY 😀 While I have not made it yet, I will be soon.  The other thing I liked about this edition is the This Just In – Peak Season section on a fruit that is currently in season.  This month they did Bing Cherries and tells you how to select them, store them, prep tips, and some easy recipes to use them in.  I would love to see more on this, I am an idiot when it comes to selecting produce and how to store it, and this section was very helpful for me.