This week

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I am sorry I have not posted much this week. I was sick for two days and tonight is a hack day at LinkedIn. I hope to have something up this weekend.

Rocket Fizz, some neat articles and Pizza!!!

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On Friday we went to Rocket Fizz in Palo Alto  and got a wide sample of cream soda, birch beers and candy. So far all the candy is awesome and the Sioux City cream soda is the best!  It is always fun to walk around the store and check out all the candies and different sodas out there. Oh and the Pocky CheeseCake flavor might be the best pocky flavor ever! Along the lines of food/beverages since we have been here I have been so disappointed in the pizzas. They were all awful tasting and had a weird smell… I finally came to terms with the fact that I would never have good pizza again until…. Pizza my Heart came on into my life on Friday, and it totally did steal my heart.  The cheese and sauce was perfect, the pepperoni was spicy and it was just so good – and delivers to our apartment!

Can Silicon Valley boot camps get you a $120K job? and Twitter pays engineer $10 million as Silicon Valley tussles for talent

Above are two news articles that I think are worth the time to check out and read. The first one is on the boot camps here and if they really do help you get 100k+ jobs or not. This one also gives percentages for the different ones around here, sadly the one that I am doing now is not listed but that could be because it is so new.  The other talks about the supply and demand of engineers in Silicon Valley which is helping boost salaries for those here.

While doing the web development boot camp this week I have realized just how much I love it and how much my equipment was holding me back.  My laptop is running Ubuntu which is fine but had so little in the way of resources it was constantly crashing. Since I do love this and plan on continuing with this field, and it totally helps that it looks like my house in VA is selling this week, it is time to upgrade my equipment to industry standard so I have a Macbook Pro coming!! I am so excited to get it all set up and building things on it.

Site performance and lack of post yesterday

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I am sorry for the performance lately! We are working to resolve the issue.  More memory has been added and we are monitoring for possible reasons why this is running a little slow.

I am sorry that I did not make a post yesterday! It was a LOOOOONG day!! I will try to post tonight.

This blog is going in a different direction

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I have moved to Palo Alto, CA!!! Oh and I am no longer vegan.. I worked so hard on this blog and hate to just leave it or delete it so I am just changing it… I am now going to focus on living and working here in Silicon Valley.

I moved to Palo Alto in September and I am so excited for this change.  Moving here has given me the opportunity to do something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity to pursue. I did at one point have a SharePoint job where I did get to do some VB but at the time the helpdesk needed a manager and I had the experience so I was moved to help lead them, but before I could move back the agency had moved to AL. Anyway, I have always wanted to be a developer and so excited that I have been accepted to participate in Coding Dojo!! 😀  This really is an amazing opportunity for me and I am excited to be able to do this.

Alba acne face lotion

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One of the face lotions I have tried is the Alba acne dote and in the spring I was using this daily and it worked great.  Once summer came around my skin was just oily and this just made it worse so I only use this now when my skin is really really dry.  I am sure once it gets colder outside I will switch back to this

Bikini Kitty

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Awhile ago I learned that the aloe on razor blades are not vegan and began looking for other options out there.  I come from Italian descent so I have to shave everyday and just plain sucks, so I need a good and gentle razor.  I came across Bikini Kitty and decided to give them a try and ordered the full shave kit and the razor.  There is more to the kit than is pictured but I really never used the spray or the brush. They say to use the brush before you get in the shower to shave, but I felt weird because I am dirty before showers so I did not want to continuously use a dirty brush and just omitted that as well. I do however love the razor, shave gel, oil and the disposable razor-after every use I clean the blades in rubbing alcohol so that they will last a lot longer and work great every time and this seems to let each razor last about a month and a half.  I use the oil on every shave as well, and love the smell. I use the shave gel on my bikini line and arm pits, but not on my legs. I want to conserve the gel and it does a great job but I can use regular soap and be fine on my legs.  I will order the oil and gel again as soon as I start to run out.


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I am sorry for the lack of consistent postings the last few weeks. I was recently laid off from my job and got behind, I promise to get back to three postings a week!!


Sailor Tattoo Hinge Wallet

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I found this cute wallet from a Hot Topic store on sale for $5.98.  It is super cute and comes in handy more than I thought I would need. I normally keep small purses and was worried it would not fit, but it fits in any size purse I have or I can use it as a clutch, and it helps to keep me organized. The outside is 100% PU and inside is 100% Nylon and easily puts up with my abuse… and cat hair! 🙂

Supermarket find: Vegan Queso

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YAY!!!!!! I went to Wegman’s and they finally stocked a vegan queso at the Woodbridge, VA location!! I found the Food for Lovers Vegan Queso on the shelves and was sooo ecstatic, I still have two jars here so I will get some more as soon as I run out.

Tinymeat Derby Wallet

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When it comes to my purse, I can be one of the most disorganized people ever! I tend to just throw things in there after I have used it and then can never find it later.  I decided that I needed a new wallet to fit in the smaller purses I like to carry around.  I found the Tinymeat Derby Wallet from for $14 and with my love for Roller Derby I decided to get it 🙂

It is small, but it can fit a bunch of cards. I usually am able to get 7+ credit card type cards, so many ID’s, in there with some business cards and money.  I love it and have been using it for a few months now and it still looks great and putting up with my abuse!