Woodbridge Animal Hospital

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All pictures from the IPhone so the quality is not that great.

Saturday night I noticed that Boy was breathing very heavy but was still being playful with the other cats. I was worried but since he was being active I thought maybe it was just from the catnip.  Friday and Saturday nights I like to stay up and watch forensics, so when I finally was ready to go to bed (at like 11:30PM) I felt the need to check on him one last time.

Side note about this kitty is we rescued him from the outside, with his sister and mom (mom was put in the care of a rescue worker I called for help) at around 7-8 weeks old.  He is still feral, and does not like to be touched or us too close to him.  He is happy and content just as long as he has his Big Kitty and we not try to touch him.

When I found him he was in the doorway of a room and not fleeing my presence, so I bent down to touch him and he did not move but he tried to hiss but then stopped breathing for a few terrifying seconds.  I yelled for Damen and showed him what was happening.  He tried to touch him but Boy ran to the living room and then stopped and started wheezing badly. Damen got Boy in a towel and the wheezing got worse and went away.

Our normal vet does not do after hours emergency calls, so I googled for one that I see every day on my way to work.  That was Woodbridge Animal Hospital and I called them right away and they said that we did need to bring him in right away.  We quickly got boy in the carrier and drove to the vet and got there at like 11:45PM and they whisked him in the back to stabilize and start treating him.  For emergency visits they have you put down a deposit for what you are willing to pay and inform the doctor and they do what they can to stay in that budget.  We put down $500 and they did not use it all so they put it back on the card.  Based on previous vet experience what we spent was a good deal and Damen was surprised that it was not much more, thank god it was not more though!  If it had been more we would have found a way to make it work and make sure that Boy got the care he needed.

When I had called I made sure that they all understood that Boy is feral and can be difficult to examine, but they said it was OK and never once acted afraid of him and in turn he was so good! He hissed a little but never once lashed out to scratch or bite.  The staff and the doctor were so great! The vet on staff was Dr Chris Haverly who is great and was very clear and explained everything, including the X-Rays and what was what in it.  He was very patient and listened to everything we had to say and what symptoms I had noticed over time.  It turns out that Boy was having an asthma attack and he is doing fine now.

Honestly, I will change our primary vet and go to Woodbridge Animal Hospital from now on. They are open 24 hours 7 days a week,  they were great with one of my ferals, they are affordable, the staff is wonderful and caring.