Day 1: Coding Dojo HTML

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Two weeks ago I was searching for the different coding boot camps in San Francisco and applied to Coding Dojo. I read a few blogs that highly recommended them and stated that the experience was great and they learned a lot.  I sent in my application and soon got an email with a date and time for my phone interview, which was basically just them getting to know me and why I wanted to attend their boot camp.

I finished day 1 earlier where our focus was in HTML.  If you have any sort of HTML background this will be a good review and you will more than likely finish around lunch time.  Since I did finish the assignment early I went ahead and started working on day 2 work, CSS. I know that CSS will be a little harder for me so getting the extra time in will only be good for me.

So far everyone has been nice and the instructors are helpful and there whenever you need them. The mix of students is pretty awesome because there are students from all over the world and all coding skills.

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