Day 2: Coding Dojo CSS

08.10.13 / Coding Dojo / Author:

Whew! Today has proven to be much harder for me!! Today was CSS and a lot of moving and sizing things like columns and mimicking images of sites.  I feel like I understand CSS and how it works but I just am not comfortable with it yet.  I finished my assignment for the day and did it pretty damn close to the image… everyone else is almost already done with Thursdays, so I took my laptop and sat outside to go through some Code Academy CSS classes. I am feeling more confident after just doing exercises over and over again, and it will just take some more practice for me to feel like I can do it without tons of google help 😀 It is hard for me to feel like I am slower than everyone else, but at least I am right on schedule for the class and I will get there!

Now off to clear my head with a Roller Derby scrimmage in San Jose hosted by SVRG!!!!

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