Day 3 and Day 4: Coding Dojo

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Whew!! the last two days have been hard, but I honestly feel like I have a good understanding of CSS and I can do a lot off the top of my head or I know exactly what it is I need to google in order to find that little piece I may be missing.

Day 3 was our sports day! It was actually pretty fun and I will be showing the most awesome instructor how to roller skate on sports day!! I mean what could make someone more awesome than wanting to learn roller derby?!?! Plus she is a really good instructor and knows her stuff, she is the voice you will hear on the instruction videos we get as well. The TAs we have are pretty great too, they are so helpful and definitely know the course inside and out. Anyway, back to sports day… We started out the morning with a group assignment, where we had an hour and a half to recreate a website from an image.  We were pretty close to completing ours but had some issues with the beta collaboration on The collaboration tool on that was amazing and was cool to see everyone typing in their code and watching it grow, the issue we had was when some of us would notice a mistake in someone else’s code and try to fix it.  Some of us had a little bit of a lag so as things were fixed by the other person it was also being fixed by the person working on it. That got a little frustrating so we decided to take what we had and have one person put it all together and we collaborated over the one computer together.

So for the sports section of the day we go to this park in Sunnyvale to play sports, or not (I opted for the not and just fixed my roller skates and listened to the instructor and Hawaiian guy play the ukulele) and eat lunch.  From now on I will be bringing my outdoor wheels to help my instructor, and anyone else who would like to, learn how to roller skate. Should be fun!! At about 1pm we all went back to the dojo and continued to work on our assignments for the week.  I am not going to lie but I was getting really frustrated with myself and how slow I felt I was going, but now that it is all starting to click I am glad I took the time to slow down and really try to understand what I was doing.

The assignments that we get are images of websites where we have to go ahead and create the html and CSS to look exactly like the image. I just submitted CSS assignment 3, I totally skipped 2 but I will do that one tonight and start 4 tomorrow.  It is so amazing, to me, at what we are creating. The fact that I, and we in the group assignment, can take the image and make it into something that works and is a real website!!! I am so excited for the rest of the stuff we get to learn.

Oh and on Day 3…. I totally screwed up my laptop!! So I am learning Linux and therefore that is all I have on my laptop… I was not happy with the guest account and googled how to remove it… Well I had done this same fix before and it worked perfect… well this time it did not!! After I removed the account and rebooted, it would not reboot. Well long story short all I had to do was alt + ctrl + f1 and just remove what I did in the shell… oops!

On Day 4, today, my group put together all of our code and we totally nailed it 😀  I spent the rest of the day on the bean bag chair and worked on CSS assignment 3, which I submitted just before I started writing this.

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