Day 5: Coding Dojo

11.10.13 / Coding Dojo / Author:
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Whew! Week 1 over! well kind of…. I still have a bunch of studying to do this week and I do want to preview next weeks topic on jQuery. I am amazed at how much we have all learned and how we can all do most of our assignments with out google!!  Today I completed CSS assignment 4 in about 5 hours, and I am pretty happy with that.  I do need to be more careful with display: inline; I keep using it with float when I do not really need too and some div placements still trip me up, but I feel like I understand what I am doing wrong so that I can fix it when I go through and do CSS assignment 2 this weekend.

At the dojo I was introduced to parallax!! This stuff is amazing!!!! It is basically site that move with your phone, tablet or mouse cursor.  You can check out two sites below and it is totally worth the time to check out.: and

So after this week I see things on my blog that bother me and I need to fix!! I will start working on a template for this site this weekend.


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