June 26, 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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I almost did not make it to the Dale City Farmers Market this week, I was soooo tired and allergies were getting the best of me, but my posts on this market get more hits than any other type of post I make. I want to make sure I post things that you all find interesting.  I plan to start attending different Farmers Market in Northern VA and post about them here, I will start with the one in Occoquan next Saturday.

This week I wanted to get actual pictures of the market and give everyone a better idea of what it is like.  This week was incredibly crowded and there were even more vendors this week than last, I think the peaches had something to do with it…  There is usually two or three people band there playing folk music, but I did not see them this week 🙁

This was the first vendor that I saw as I walked in and were selling peaches for $1.75 per pound, so I decided to stop there on the way out, this ended up being the only vendor I bought from-being uninspired in the kitchen never helps.

This is all I ended up buying and it ended up being around $5.25. Sadly, I have not been feeling very creative in the kitchen so I was not feeling any of the ingredients I normally get, but everything looked ripe and beautiful. I plan on researching vegetables that I have never cooked with because there were a couple things I want to eat just not sure how to cook or store them – mainly radishes and things like that 🙁 I will be making some rice and zucchini this week though, yumm 🙂

I wanted to show some of the vendors I normally buy from, it was a little crowded so I got what I could!

The flowers they sell are always really pretty, I am horrible with potted things so I never get anything from them.

I tried to show how crowded it was, but this is just one side of the market

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