June 5th 2011 Dale City Farmers Market Vendor – Oh! Pickles

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As we were walking through the farmers market I smelled the wonderful aroma of pickles! Yummm I wanted pickles right then and then we found the stand.  There were so many different flavors of pickles. I went with the $6 size of Full Sour pickles and $4 size of Oh! Sour and Sweet. The Spicy and Sweet ones are my absolute favorite and I doubt they will last a day!  I watched them shove as many pickles as possible in each container and struggle to get them closed, so they did not skimp on loading those up.

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pixieluv // June 7th, 2011 - 8:53 AM

My sister and I devoured the spicy and sweet ones, next time I am getting the large container of that one (the vendor said they can last three weeks, not that they will last that long…). My niece totally loved the full sour ones, so I gave the whole thing to take home with her. Once she ate a bite of one she went from cranky to the happiest child ever!

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