May 29 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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This last Sunday Damen forced me out of the house and sent me to the Dale City Farmers Market. He does this every Sunday because he knows how much I love going to the farmers market. I normally go with $20 in my purse and unless it is around Halloween (pumpkins) I never spend more than that.

The Dale City Farmers market is from 0800 – 1300 every Sunday from April to November.  I went in April and there was like nothing out yet so this last Sunday was my first time actually going.  I was hoping to find asparagus, but only two booths were selling and they were at the end…. The asparagus was $2.50 a bunch at both booths. The obvious thing in season was not the asparagus but the strawberries. The smell of strawberries was everywhere and I just had to get a box.  The prices on strawberries varied greatlyand I did end up paying like $2 for what I got.  I wanted more potatoes, I have been making so many potato things lately, and paid like $2.50 for the little box. The most expensive thing that I got is the The Holy Grael of Sorbet from Landovel and that was like $6 for the large size.  Damen and I love this sorbet because it is basically just fruit blended and frozen. Simple yet sooooo good and they have a neat variety of flavors.

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