Mike’s Italian Restaurant: Pineapple Sorbet

25.07.11 / Eating Out / Author:
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Recently my dad took my sister and me to Mikes Italian Restaurant on RTE 1 right outside of Fort Belvoir.  I was worried that they would not have anything vegan but I was sure they would at least have a salad I could munch on just in case, but I was pleasantly surprised that they now have a separate spot on the menu for vegetarian items – one eggplant parmigiana and a spaghetti option, so of course you just need to ask the question is the breading used contain egg and make sure they know not to put any cheese on anything.  I do love their spaghetti and could eat that all the time so I was happy 🙂 Then came desert, again I was not hopeful they would have anything and I would have to watch my dad and sister enjoy the yummy Tartufos which do contain dairy, but then the waitress started spouting out the list of sorbets and I quickly chose the pineapple sorbet.  It came out in a pineapple 😀 I loved the look and then quickly started to dig in. It had a wonderful texture and taste, it was so soft and wonderful 🙂 It was a lot more sorbet than I expected and had to share with my family, who also enjoyed it greatly. I would totally go back just to eat the sorbet!

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