Pizza Hut Hand Tossed Pizza

22.08.11 / Eating Out, Food / Author:


For some reason, totally out of the blue, I was craving Pizza Hut pan pizza so I went to their site and looked at the allergen information and discovered the pan pizza is not vegan. Looking through the chart the hand tossed is, but it is prepared on equipment that uses egg, booooo but I feel as long as we order from these places and show demand they will then get better themselves.  I went ahead and got the hand-tossed with onions, mushrooms and no cheese. I added my own Daiya pepper-jack, I can eat that stuff on everything 🙂  The dough was good, but toppings were awful and I had to pull them all off.  I cannot describe what was wrong I just did not like it at all, the onions were almost raw and I think that is what killed it for me.

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