Red Velvet: Vegan Cupcakes

03.08.11 / Eating Out / Author:
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While on my trip into D.C. I wanted a cupcake so bad and Sticky Fingers was way to far to walk to so when I walked by Red Velvet, and they had a sign for a vegan cupcake, I had to go try.  I ordered two regular cupcakes for my husband, who loved them, and I got one of each of the vegan flavors-white velvet and black velvet.  I really did enjoy both of them and especially love the purple candy garnish on the black velvet.  They were moist and did not have that weird oily sheen that I see on most vegan cupcakes.  I love it and will have to go to the Reston, closer to my house, and get some more 😀

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