Bus Boys and Poets: Nachos and Panini

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On a recent trip into DC I wanted to try this restaurant on 5th & K called Busboys & Poets.  I really wanted to try a vegan restaurant that was in walking distance from where we were and this was the only option not Asian, and I really wanted to try something different.  Asian restaurants are really easy to get vegan options and almost always good, but like I said I just wanted something different.  When we finally settled on Busboys & Poets we made the trek over and I was immediately impressed.  It was nice on the outside and had a nice area for eating outside, I tried to get a picture but it came out pretty bad…. The menu was pretty neat and I loved looking through it and was really easy to find what was vegan and not, the drink menu was even clearly marked.

For a starter we got the vegan nachos which were pretty good, I just wish there were more beans.  I liked whatever faux sour cream they used and it tasted like they used that new cheese from Daiya.

For my actual meal I got the Peanut Butter and Banana Panini and I LOVED THIS! Simple yet so incredibly good and what I wanted 🙂  It made the best breakfast the next morning 🙂