Whew! Coding, working and the sickness!!

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I am still in the Coding Dojo and this week we are on Ruby and Ruby on Rails. So far I have it installed…

Last week was our first project week, I had the plague going on around here for that entire week and some of this week so that really was not cool.  I did meet with Eric, from AHGL, and I got answers to basic questions developers ask at the beginning of a project, I will list them at the end of the blog post. At blizzcon we had already decided to go with a responsive web design for the site but at this meeting we did nail down other issues like color schemes, branding, what to keep and what to loose – among other things.  I am excited about doing this! I did spend a day on the wireframe, I know that is a little slow but I just wanted to make sure that I had everything.  I have submitted that and once I get the OK I will get with the graphics guy and ask for any images that I will need.

So, while doing the dojo and being super sick and trying to stay active with SVRG I have added consulting with Robotex on their IT needs in the evenings.  I do have a lot on my plate right now and unfortunately I had to take a LOA from derby until the dojo is complete.  It was a hard decision to make, but I had to do it. I need to have my career set in order to support my derby habit. I miss it tons already, but for the best in the long run, I guess.  I do love doing the consulting work for Robotex, they are an awesome company that builds awesome things! 😀  This is also the company I have wished to work at for awhile now, well before I moved to CA, I mean come on they build robots!!! and help people while doing that 🙂 I am so excited to have this opportunity and would not trade it for anything.

Tonight I am doing the double feature for Hunger Games in Cupertino! I am sad that I cannot do it with my sister 🙁 but I am also happy that I finally am making friends out here and actually going out and being social. I think there is something in the air out here…. Outside of work and derby I have never been this active in different things, it is pretty fun to be getting out there and doing these things, now I just need to fit some gym time in all this!

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Week 4: Coding Dojo

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Week 4 at the dojo is complete! This entire week was spent on PHP with some instruction on GIT and Ajax, both of which I assume we will get more into next week.  We also go to see the other classes projects, which we were fun to see. It did motivate me to start planning mine and get started. My project will be rebuilding the AHGL website.

The new version of Twitter Bootstrap was released! Check out the post here from the bootstrap blog.

Day 11: Coding Dojo

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Yesterday was spent on ERDs and SQL SELECT.  Once our instructor had our morning lecture on ERDs it totally clicked and now much easier to do. I completed all the ERD assignments yesterday and moved on to the SQL SELECT.  I finished the basic SQL SELECT assignment with not very many issues, once I got the LEFT JOIN command it was smooth sailing, lol!  I am stuck on the intermediate one where there are two databases that need to pull data but they are not connected and have a common id, I will ask about that one.

I may not post tonight about today because I am going to a meetup called Building Street cred for females in the tech/science industry that may have gaps in their resumes. I signed up yesterday and was on the waiting list, but this morning got an email that I had been moved up. I did send an email to other girls in my class to try and sign up, as we all have a gap at this point.  I may not be able to post tomorrow as well, since I have derby practice Monday and Wednesday nights… So Thursday could be big one! We should be getting into PHP today or tomorrow.

Day 10: Coding Dojo Yellow Belt test

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I totally forgot to write about this in my last post, but I think should also get its own post.

While going through coding dojo you can take these optional tests that help determine how far you are and what you may still need to work on.  This Friday we had the one on HTML, CSS and jQuery which is the yellow belt test. We four hours to replicate this website from an image and had to then send a video explaining our code.  Sadly, I did not have enough time to do the video. I got a majority of the site done, except the jQuery and a few CSS things still needed to be done. I stayed focus on one thing that was not working for way too long and only in the last hour did I say enough and moved on. the top part of my page was perfect and I would not do anything to change it, other than the jQuery I wanted to add for mouseovers.  The that I had was that the container and content divs were pushing the divs and such in my content div down instead of including them. After making CSS changes I decided I had to have an extra </div> somewhere. I did a visual check and saw nothing then I ran my html through the validator which found some errors I fixed that had nothing to do with my issue. So I said enough and started to work on the body of the page…. Then at about 5 minutes till time was up I just said screw it lets give those divs a crazy height…. that worked… I was so mad and frustrated with myself, but at least I know another thing to try in troubleshooting.

Day 8 – 10: Coding Dojo… and DORITOS!!!!

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DORITOS® TAPATIO® Flavored Tortilla Chips. Just going to start off with my new favorite snack here in CA, Tapatio Doritos! They are pretty spicy and I can only eat a few at a time, but they taste great. I was first introduced to them when I visited my friend at the Facebook campus. While there we played in the arcade, sat in the bean bag chairs and watched some WFTDA.tv. It was a pretty awesome fun night!

OK… So now onto the rest of the week at Coding Dojo. I am still working on my jQuery beginner assignment, that I have turned into a gigantic project and hope to finish this weekend, and some database intro stuff.  The ERD instruction videos were really hard to follow so after some google I sent some links to everyone in the class that has helped me understand it way better.

Here is a cheesey but helpful youtube video on ERD:

and here are some other links I found helpful:

This morning I went to the fresh market by my house and ended up with some amazing cupcakes! They have an amazing little bakery and now it is time to get back to learning code 😀

Day 6 and 7: Coding Dojo

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Day 6 and 7 we have been learning about jQuery which so far is pretty awesome and not too hard.  I am working on the intermediate assignment at the moment. The first part of that I had to place 8 images on a webpage where as you click each image it disappears and there is a button that you can click and they all reappear. I did this by using $(this).fadeOut(‘slow’) on $(‘img’).click(function() and for the button I used $(‘img’).fadeIn(‘slow’) on $(‘button’).click(function(). Since  there is only one button and img I was able to just use ‘button’ or ‘img’ but I would drill down better if there were more on that page. I did have one issue where I totally did not put the http: from the google api link! Now I know to always check that!

The second part of the assignment was way harder and took me awhile, I had to ask for help on this part. The second part we had to create a form with two date selections and a button that displayed the results. For this I ended up doing the following jScript:

$(‘#date’).submit(function() {
$(“#result”).html(“Your information:<br>From: ” + $(“#from”).val() + “<br>To: “+ $(“#to”).val());
$(‘#result’).css(‘border’, ‘2px solid black’)
$(‘#result’).css(‘margin-bottom’, ’30px’)
$(‘#result’).css(‘background-color’, ‘green’)

This just takes the To and From inputs and putting them in my empty div result and the rest is adding css once the submit button I have is submitted

The next part is sorting and then replacing images which I am working on tonight.

I am still amazed at how fast I can write out HTML and CSS now, and so excited when I work on a new assignment and just quickly type out the code.

Day 1: Coding Dojo HTML

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Two weeks ago I was searching for the different coding boot camps in San Francisco and applied to Coding Dojo. I read a few blogs that highly recommended them and stated that the experience was great and they learned a lot.  I sent in my application and soon got an email with a date and time for my phone interview, which was basically just them getting to know me and why I wanted to attend their boot camp.

I finished day 1 earlier where our focus was in HTML.  If you have any sort of HTML background this will be a good review and you will more than likely finish around lunch time.  Since I did finish the assignment early I went ahead and started working on day 2 work, CSS. I know that CSS will be a little harder for me so getting the extra time in will only be good for me.

So far everyone has been nice and the instructors are helpful and there whenever you need them. The mix of students is pretty awesome because there are students from all over the world and all coding skills.