Whew! Coding, working and the sickness!!

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I am still in the Coding Dojo and this week we are on Ruby and Ruby on Rails. So far I have it installed…

Last week was our first project week, I had the plague going on around here for that entire week and some of this week so that really was not cool.  I did meet with Eric, from AHGL, and I got answers to basic questions developers ask at the beginning of a project, I will list them at the end of the blog post. At blizzcon we had already decided to go with a responsive web design for the site but at this meeting we did nail down other issues like color schemes, branding, what to keep and what to loose – among other things.  I am excited about doing this! I did spend a day on the wireframe, I know that is a little slow but I just wanted to make sure that I had everything.  I have submitted that and once I get the OK I will get with the graphics guy and ask for any images that I will need.

So, while doing the dojo and being super sick and trying to stay active with SVRG I have added consulting with Robotex on their IT needs in the evenings.  I do have a lot on my plate right now and unfortunately I had to take a LOA from derby until the dojo is complete.  It was a hard decision to make, but I had to do it. I need to have my career set in order to support my derby habit. I miss it tons already, but for the best in the long run, I guess.  I do love doing the consulting work for Robotex, they are an awesome company that builds awesome things! 😀  This is also the company I have wished to work at for awhile now, well before I moved to CA, I mean come on they build robots!!! and help people while doing that 🙂 I am so excited to have this opportunity and would not trade it for anything.

Tonight I am doing the double feature for Hunger Games in Cupertino! I am sad that I cannot do it with my sister 🙁 but I am also happy that I finally am making friends out here and actually going out and being social. I think there is something in the air out here…. Outside of work and derby I have never been this active in different things, it is pretty fun to be getting out there and doing these things, now I just need to fit some gym time in all this!

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