June 10 – 12 Ocean City Maryland

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This last weekend was the yearly OC Car Show in Maryland.  I love this show, it is a lot of fun and a great time to catch up with everyone and meet new people.  This is the third year that I have attended with Mischief.tv and it is always great fun to hang out with Dustin and the crew.

Last year was the first year I went to OC as a vegan and discovered it was almost impossible to find anything to eat, and ended up with food poisoning from a salad…. That sucked and this year I wanted to try and explore more options and see if it was any better this year. What makes this a little harder is that while on vacation I really do not eat much, maybe like twice a day and no snacks…

Each morning I had a plain toasted bagel from the hotel and we would then leave and make the trek to the Convention Center.  The first place we ate at was the Flavors of Italy Bistro and this was a disaster because they were incredibly slow, did not speak English (everyone that worked there was from the Ukraine), and for the meat eaters out of peperoni pizza… Everyone’s order came out wrong and in the end I ended up not being able to eat it.  Spaghetti Marinara, I specifically asked if this dish was vegan and the waiter came back an hour later stating that it was. I went ahead and ordered it and after waiting another hour and a half for our orders to come, I know that he said it was vegan but with spaghetti I always mention no cheese please and when it finally arrived it was covered in cheese!  It took a bit, but I got the waiters attention and informed him that my meal has cheese on it and that I ordered it without so he took it back.  When they brought it back I could see little things that looked like cheese… I took a bite and I just could not eat anymore. I honestly think they took the cheese off and stirred in what they could not get. My friend Dash stated that from now on I must say I am lactose intolerant and will get very sick if I have any dairy, I think that is a good idea!

The next day we went to the Dough Roller and while they did mess up they were friendly and apologetic, I would give them a second try. The staff here was very friendly helpful and this time I specified if the waitress could ask if there was dairy or egg in the dough, she came back and stated that the dough  does not contain any dairy or egg but is high glutinous.  I ordered the medium veggie pizza minus the cheese.  Damen’s order came out really fast and really hot he loved it, he is a meat eater…. My order finally came out and it was covered in cheese… I informed her that I had ordered it without cheese and she checked her pad and never wrote that part down.  They took it back and the manager came over and told me that no cheese pizza takes longer to cook and that they just got a 30+ order and it will be a while to get a new pizza. I told him this was fine and just to box it up so I could take it home, I honestly did not mind as this is vacation and I am not in a rush to do anything 🙂 I also wanted to leave a good tip because I knew they just did not know and did eventually catch on, I wanted onion rings and the cook did go through the ingredients and told me it contained whey so I would not want it. I did eventually get the pizza and it was good, but as you can see I was in a picky mood and took most of the toppings of my piece to eat, the toppings were all fresh and raw (I prefer cooked veggies).

Sunday we were all sick and I was not as vigilant as I normally am and again ended up not eating my food. We went to Fish Tales and Dash ordered these really awesome Sweet Potato fries that had cinnamon and brown sugar sprinkled.  I really wanted a virgin Margarita but the waitress refused to let me order it, saying it was sour and not listening to the fact that I like that, and instead ordered a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri that ended up with whip cream that I let Damen have. I should have asked so I took that one as my fault, but ewww whip cream on a daiquri… I then ordered the Zuma without cheese, but the avocado was hard and gross so I just ate Damen and my pickles.

Overall this trip was a lot of fun, but not so great on food options. There is one place that I really wanted to try but did not get a chance Mothers Cantina, I will next time though!