Femgineers MeetUp and Week 3 at Coding Dojo

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A lot has happened this week!I did a meetup which was awesome, we started PHP at the dojo, and I did a Hack-a-Thon that was amazing and will get its own post.

We started PHP this week, but sadly I ended up getting sick and the first day of PHP I just could not focus and retain anything. Then I missed day 2 of PHP so now I am playing catchup with the assignments.

street cred

Now the meetup! It was amazing!! The meetup, titled Building Your Street Cred, was done through the Femginners group on meetup.com. Karen Catlin gave the presentation after WealthFront gave their little background on their devs and company. It was pretty awesome, she went through how important it is to get your name out there through blogs, LinkedIn, interactive resumes among other things.  She was great and it was awesome to get to talk to her before and after her presentation. One thing we talked about was after the bootcamp I should find a charity to create a site for, and this would help with my street cred at the same time as helping a cause that I really feel needs attention.

Day 11: Coding Dojo

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Yesterday was spent on ERDs and SQL SELECT.  Once our instructor had our morning lecture on ERDs it totally clicked and now much easier to do. I completed all the ERD assignments yesterday and moved on to the SQL SELECT.  I finished the basic SQL SELECT assignment with not very many issues, once I got the LEFT JOIN command it was smooth sailing, lol!  I am stuck on the intermediate one where there are two databases that need to pull data but they are not connected and have a common id, I will ask about that one.

I may not post tonight about today because I am going to a meetup called Building Street cred for females in the tech/science industry that may have gaps in their resumes. I signed up yesterday and was on the waiting list, but this morning got an email that I had been moved up. I did send an email to other girls in my class to try and sign up, as we all have a gap at this point.  I may not be able to post tomorrow as well, since I have derby practice Monday and Wednesday nights… So Thursday could be big one! We should be getting into PHP today or tomorrow.