October 2013 DevelopHer Hackday hosted by LinkedIn

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This last week at the Femgineers meetup two girls who worked at LinkedIn happened to be there and they informed us all that LinkedIn was hosting a Hackday for women called DevelopHer.  When I had signed up this week, I actually had signed up as an individual but ended up forming a group with a few girls from the Dojo.  When I had signed up I had my plan to build a parallax site and kinda pushed Noa to make sure we kept my plan…. When Noa and I got there we were working to decide on the layout and our theme.  A girl that needed a group, that had only marketing experience, came over and stated she felt my idea of telling a story using the LinkedIn logo was not a really smart one but then came up with the idea to use it to teach about animals for school children. Which I felt was a great idea… things ended up being changed somewhere around 1am and we ended up doing the topic of the reintroduction of wolves in the Rockies.  Noa and I worked nonstop from 7PM until around 9AM when we felt the site was in a good place and we really needed rest and a shower.  We left and agreed to meet back at 1 to prepare our presentation.

I ended up going back around 12 to go over our code  and Vannett and Desiree were there going over the final details of the presentation and group description, we ended up with the amazing name Babes of Parrallax!! There were issues with submitting our screen shots but that was resolved and we got our submission in.  We did our presentation and ended up getting called up as one of the top 10 finalists!!! We got to see everyones presentations of their amazing projects and then did ours.  When we introduced ourselves we did mention that we were our third week into Coding Dojos coding bootcamp.  There were a few more groups left after ours and then came the awards…. They started out with Honorable Mentions and imagine my surprise and excitement when they called Babes of Parallax!!!!!!!!!!! Our very first hackday and we got Honorable Mention!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing and they stated that with three weeks of coding they are excited to see what we will do when we are done. I know the very first place I am going to apply too!


This week

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I am sorry I have not posted much this week. I was sick for two days and tonight is a hack day at LinkedIn. I hope to have something up this weekend.