June 19 2011 Dale City Farmers Market

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I am sorry that I have not posted this sooner!! I know that tomorrow is the next Dale City Farmers Market, but I wanted to show my cache from last week. It was the first weekend for the berries, and I felt that would be great to share.  Half of the berries were really good and the other were just sour, so I imagine this week they will be even better.

Last Saturday night I went to the OTEP concert with a friend from Ohio and ended up dragging her to the Farmers Market. She seemed to have a great time and loved the blackberries.  When we first went in I told her we had to get more spicy and sweet pickles on our way out, and we ended up with three containers – one for her, my sister and me.  None of which lasted even one day at home 🙂

I got more potatoes.  I am obsessed with the deviled egg replacement I wrote about awhile ago.  When I got the potatoes I saw the tomatoes and decided they would make great tomato sandwiches, which they did – yummm!! Although I used a mandolin slicer to cut the tomato slices, I am not consistent on my slicing sizes, and ended up bleeding all over the kitchen… oops! I also wanted an onion but they were only in containers of like 10 or more, and being the only one in the house to eat them I really only need one, so I grabbed the one you see

June 5th 2011 Dale City Farmers Market Vendor – Oh! Pickles

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As we were walking through the farmers market I smelled the wonderful aroma of pickles! Yummm I wanted pickles right then and then we found the stand.  There were so many different flavors of pickles. I went with the $6 size of Full Sour pickles and $4 size of Oh! Sour and Sweet. The Spicy and Sweet ones are my absolute favorite and I doubt they will last a day!  I watched them shove as many pickles as possible in each container and struggle to get them closed, so they did not skimp on loading those up.