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Yummm! One of my favorite quick foods is Tofurky deli slices.  Whenever I do not feel like waiting to eat I will fry up a piece or two and eat on bread with some vegenaise… sometimes I will add chips for a crunch 🙂 I love this stuff

Tofurky Pepperponi Pizza

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I love convenient, quick and easy to cook foods, but I try to only eat things like that once a week. They tend to be more expensive and not as healthy-but still better than the meat counterparts.  My all time favorite convenient food is pizza! Let’s face it, who does not like pizza??

Ordering vegan pizza is actually pretty easy and I just add some vegan cheese after it is delivered.  My husband orders pizza at least once a week, and I wanted to try something cheaper and maybe yummier! Let’s face it, getting a small plain pizza without cheese still can cost over $10 so keeping that in mind I finally did spend around $8 to try out Tofurky’s Pepperoni Pizza.  Our local Wegmans carries Tofurky products and many other vegan items that are difficult to find elsewhere.

The picture above shows the pizza right out of the oven in front of the box.  My oven isn’t exactly clean right now, so I cooked it on top of aluminum foil and I do not really recommend that if you want a crispy crust.  If you like soft and flimsy crust cook it on something otherwise I really recommend cooking it directly on the rack.  The crust and the cheese were really good and even eating it cold the next morning was yummy 😀 However, I discovered I do not like soy pepperoni and ended up pulling the pieces off.  There is very little faux meat I like to eat and it just turns out faux pepperoni is not one of them, but if you are a fan of it you will love this pizza.  Overall the pizza was good and I would buy it again, but I normally balk at spending that much on one item at the grocery store so it will not be once a week.

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