Bus Boys and Poets: Nachos and Panini

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On a recent trip into DC I wanted to try this restaurant on 5th & K called Busboys & Poets.  I really wanted to try a vegan restaurant that was in walking distance from where we were and this was the only option not Asian, and I really wanted to try something different.  Asian restaurants are really easy to get vegan options and almost always good, but like I said I just wanted something different.  When we finally settled on Busboys & Poets we made the trek over and I was immediately impressed.  It was nice on the outside and had a nice area for eating outside, I tried to get a picture but it came out pretty bad…. The menu was pretty neat and I loved looking through it and was really easy to find what was vegan and not, the drink menu was even clearly marked.

For a starter we got the vegan nachos which were pretty good, I just wish there were more beans.  I liked whatever faux sour cream they used and it tasted like they used that new cheese from Daiya.

For my actual meal I got the Peanut Butter and Banana Panini and I LOVED THIS! Simple yet so incredibly good and what I wanted 🙂  It made the best breakfast the next morning 🙂

Asia Nine: Veggie Sushi Set

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I recently made a visit to Washington, D.C. and one of the restaurants we tried was Asia Nine. I really liked the food here and would totally visit again.

I ordered the Veggie Sushi Lunch and it came with Miso Soup and House Salad.  The miso soup had a great flavor, the tofu was firm and not grainy at all. The ginger house salad had a mustard like flavor in the aftertaste. Normally I hate ginger but I did enjoy this salad as it was not a very strong ginger taste and like the heat(from whatever gave the mustard flavor) added.

YUMMMMM!! This sushi was amazing! The mushroom one sweet, the avocado was good but needs some crunch cucumber would be great in it, and the cucumber had a fresh crisp taste.