The Coding Dojo and the Time Commitment – so far

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So far this week, it is true the amount of time you have to put into this boot camp. True this week I have had to leave a little early, once because I broke my laptop…. and the other because I had to have some documents notarized to sell my car that is still in VA, but every moment I have free is spent studying.  Studying is something that I have never ever done until now and it is kinda cool all that I am learning… and how incredibly fast. I have googled so many tutorials and run through Codeacademys HTML and CSS class. I have also forced myself to go to Roller Derby practices twice this week; which, my instructor even said that attending my practices would be good to break up the constant going through this in order to refresh, but outside of those practices and the studying there has not been time for anything else. I want to make sure that I get this right and become the best I can at what we are learning and to take full advantage of this opportunity.   I am really glad that I have roller derby in my life, it is my zen time lol! When at practice all I focus on is what I am doing at that moment because of that my mind is so clear if I have an issue, outside of derby I cannot resolve, I get that reset button I need to look at the issue from a different perspective.

Anyway… My point is that it takes a lot of time dedication but it is also important you find that time to take a break and do something else.

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