Wegman’s Brown Rice Veggie Roll

26.09.11 / Food / Author:


I love shopping at Wegman’s, there is always something new to try in the section with the bakery and little restaurants.  One of my favorite spots to grab something from is the sushi bar.  The veggie rolls are always fresh and have ruined other sushi restaurants for me, and I also stopped using soy sauce and wasabi with it. There is one place here that pushes the soy sauce on you, almost like they want to mask the fact that their sushi sucks now, but again with Wegman’s I do not need the sauce and it is perfect on its own. It seems that around here no one knows how to pick the right avocados and their sushi tastes weird and not so fresh, but Wegman’s is always fresh, ripe and really good!  At $5 it is also cheaper than anywhere else 🙂

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